VNIT: Teach For Startups

Image Courtesy: Startup India

VNIT is Nagpur’s premier engineering college and has been taking lot of initiatives to foster entrepreneurial culture. In this regard, VNIT successfully concluded first course on entrepreneurship called, “Introduction to Entrepreneurship.”

In an article published in Times of India, Shashikant Chaudhary, VNIT alumni, who conducted and was one of the course instructor said:

“I was really impressed by the manner in which the VNIT senate, chairman Vishram Jamdar and the director Narendra Chaudhari cleared the course. Though VNIT was not directly running the course, it did give us two-course coordinators for six credit points’ course.”

Apart from Shashikant Chaudhary, Vani Kola and Raj Jaswa also taught this course and helped students understand different aspects of entrepreneurship from idea generation to MVP. Such courses are offered in almost every university in entrepreneurial countries like USA, and it’s good to see VNIT following this approach.

Not only did VNIT conducted this course successfully, but also lead to emergence of 3 startups, ScholFin, Newspot and yet to named stealth startup focusing on multi-ticketing systems.

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