Nagpur-Based Doctor Goes Hi-Tech With Mobile Apps

Image Courtesy: Photo by NEC Corporation of America With Creative Commons License

Technology in medical is vital for quick and accurate treatement, and this is what city-based doctor Dr. Satish Deopujari has done with set of smartphone apps developed specifically to help paediatrician in providing better treatment to childrens under intensive care. All these apps help doctors by providing step by step instructions on how to handle cases based on children’s condition, and to make sure these apps have the best algorithm and techniques, Dr. Deopujari collaborated with Nagpur’s unit of Persistent Systems.

In an article published in Times of India, Dr Deopujari said:

“It is for the first time that so many apps have been developed by one person. But all this was possible only with the support of Persistent Systems. In some apps like the NRI or Neonatal Resuscitation India app we have used the algorithm developed by the National Neonatalogy Forum. It is basically aimed at providing best care at the time of birth and minimize infant mortality rate (IMR).”

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