ICICI Appathon: Nagpur Leads The Way Among Non-Metro Cities

Image Courtesy: ICICI Appathon

Hackathons are great way to test your programming skills by developing applications within a given deadline. Similarly, Appathons are another way to test your technical skills which mainly focuses on developing applications for smartphones. In this line, ICICI recently came up with an “ICICI Appathon” initiative to invite developers all around globe to make use of different types of APIs (Application Programme Interface) made available by ICICI for creating apps that can provide better solutions to banking needs of customers.

In recently concluded phase 1 of this appathon, participants were asked to provide a brief summary of the idea and identify categories of APIs which will be used for creating the solution, and out of the 40% of the entries received from non-metro cities, Nagpur is among the leaders.

Most likely this appathon is going to be an yearly event, so do check out the website and keep tap on dates if you would like to participate, and in doing so you might bring cheers to Nagpurians.

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