How IRNSS Can Help Create Hardware And Software Startups

Image Courtesy: ISRO

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), is a navigation satellite system to provide real time positioning and timing services over Indian region. So far, India has been relying on GPS and it can lead to hostile situation during wars. ISRO has developed this system and will be fully operational by the end of this year or early next year.

Communication Signals Used By IRNSS:

Compared to the most popular navigational system GPS, IRNSS will be providing two types of services, a Standard Positioning Service (SPS) and a Restricted/Authorized Service (RS). Both SPS and RS will be using two frequencies in L5 band and S-band respectively. If you go into the details of each of the signal interfaces, then you will find out that it’s very different (has to be!) from that of GPS signals.

Having different set of frequencies and signals will require dedicated hardware and software, and this is where startups can provide solutions.

Hardware Startups:

India is still adopting to navigational way of travelling around the country and many of us rely on mobile GPS, but this will change with IRNSS. IRNSS will provide more precise positioning, but to make us of it one will require handset capable of decoding IRNSS signals or you will need a dedicated navigational device that will have such feature.

For this, Indian hardware startups can pitch in and they can provide solutions at chip level which can be used inside smartphones to capture IRNSS signals. Also, startups can provide range of IRNSS compliant navigational products, and sell it to consumers directly or tie up with any automobile manufacturer.

Software Startups:

To make us of the signals from IRNSS, set of robust algorithms are required to decode the data and then present it in a manner such that it’s easy to understand and use. Software startups can come up with app based solutions that provide over the top services in order to solve plethora of problems faced by travel enthusiast.

Yes, it can be argued that established companies can provide such products faster compared to a startup, but considering the buzz around Make In India and the push for manufacturing, I think any Indian startup providing solutions for made in India navigational system, will for sure get lot of helping hands.

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