Find Like Minded Buddies With Whiskk

Image Courtesy: Whiskk

Nagpur-based Patronous has launched an app called Whiskk, a local search engine to find like minded people to hangout with. This app can be very handy if you are new to a city or in need of a partner to either join a gym, go for a walk or trek.

Though Facebook, WhatsApp and many local community groups can also help you with find such mates, but with Whiskk you are certain to get a closed refined network of people looking for partners to hangout with. This certainly eliminates the need to do lot of search and saves time. Whiskk also gives you the flexibility to add any new activity or group, and can also help you find local stores and services.

Patronous has global HQ in Santa Clara, and Nagpur is the Indian HQ. They have already launched many other interesting app-based products, with Whiskk being the latest one.

You can find Whiskk on Google Play and Apple Store.

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